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What makes Mind Your Body different

Every physical issue has mental, emotional and energetic components. Resolving these issues depends on finding and using the right teacher and tool.

At Mind Your Body, a holistic, integrative healing center in Caldwell, N.J., our practitioners use Yoga Therapy, Trager® Approach, Seimei energy work and more to engage individually with each client, meet them where they are and distill, from a vast body of ancient and modern knowledge, the most helpful tools.

We are a group of friends who care deeply about our clients and about one another. We believe this mutual respect adds a unique level of integrity to our facility that you will feel. We invite you to experience the Mind Your Body approach to your wellness.

Mind Your Body

Taking care of the body is a life-long commitment. One's body is a reflection of their entire history, all the choices, as well as the on-going inner dialogues. When we have something to integrate or we want to bring our health to the next level, it’s essential to honor the mind-body connection. Every physical issue has a mental, emotional and energetic component. Mind Your Body, a holistic integrative healing center in Caldwell, NJ., is a unique wellness center staffed by a group of diverse practitioners specializing in Yoga; Yoga Therapy; Trager® Approach; Seimei energy work; Meditation; Medical Massage; Pranic Healing; Thai Yoga Massage; Hot Stone Massage; Hypnosis & Regression; Tantra; Couple’s Practices and more.